Europe – Mind Probe and more dated

A Little Bit of…Magic Made Fun: Mind Probe (Nintendo, 200 Points) – 25/12/2009

Impress your friends with mesmerising magic using A Little Bit of… Magic Made Fun – a collection of easy-to-perform tricks that you can carry wherever you go!

Mind Probe uses the Nintendo DSi system’s built-in microphone in magical new ways! Ask a spectator to write down the names of six people, including someone they really like, and then ask them to read the names into the microphone. Amazingly, the software will detect who the spectator’s favourite is!

This trick can also reveal spectators’ other likes and dislikes – for example, their favourite foods or films. You can even experiment and use the trick as a lie detector!

Me And My Dogs Friends Forever (Gameloft, 800 Points) – 25/12/2009

Dream of having your own cute dog? Thanks to Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever, you can have up to three of the cutest pups imaginable and take them with you everywhere you go!

Choose from Labradors, ChowChows and Beagles. Like real dogs, you’ll have to feed, wash, and give them lots of love. Play in the park, teach them tricks or have them compete at the stadium. You can even call them like in real life thanks to the microphone!
Plus, personalize your in-game profile with the camera feature.

Miami Nights (Gameloft, 800 Points) – 01/01/2010

You won’t find a more complete life simulation than Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight! From choosing your physical appearance to decorating your home, from exploring the open environments to how much you’ll be able to interact with other characters, the game will bring you totally remarkable freedom of action. Find the path to becoming the star that you’ve always dreamed of being and live the life you’ve always wanted!


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