Europe – Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth detailed

Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth revisits the traditional action-platform style of the early Castlevania games delivering exciting arcade gameplay and visceral thrills.

Take the role of Christopher Belmont – a heroic warrior from a long line of vampire slayers and bring Dracula’s evil reign to an end: It is a dark time for humanity. Dracula has risen from the grave and once again tightens his grip over these lands. His army of minions summoned from the demon world wreak havoc as they do his bidding.
Set forth in search of Castlevania and the destruction of Dracula!

Category: Adventure, Action
Players: 1
Age rating: 12
Publisher: KONAMI
Release date: 26/02/2010
Wii Points: 1000
Game language: English


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