Europe – Flashlight detailed

When it’s dark people need a simple source of light. Flashlight changes the dual screens of your Nintendo DSi into a flashlight with added features. Change the colour and the intensity of the light and use your Nintendo DSi to read under the blanket or as a source of light while taking a night stroll.

The other modes of Flashlight could even be helpful in stranded situations – use the warning light if your car breaks down – or how about turning on the S.O.S. mode to send out a signal the next time your plane has to land on a deserted island!

Category: Lifestyle
Players: 1
Age rating: Exempt
Publisher: Kaasa Solution GmbH
Release date: 19/03/2010
Nintendo DSi Points: 200
Game language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian


2 Responses to “Europe – Flashlight detailed”

  1. GoNintendo - Europe - Next week's WiiWare/DSiWare thus far (Car Jack Streets, Flashlight trailers) Says:

    […] Flashlight (Kasaa Solution) – 200 Points […]

  2. Billy White Says:

    If I actually do “land on a deserted island” and this doesn’t work like the press release says it does, I’ll sue them.

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