Introducing WiiWare Month!

In case you didn’t already know, I love challenging myself. Sometimes I succeed, and other times I utterly fail! This time I’m getting on one heavy ride, so listen up!

In May, WiiWare will turn 2 years old (for the west at least) and boy, do I love WiiWare. In honour of my favourite platform heading into another year, I’m planning of one craziest projects I’ve ever done. (Well, next to covering every single DSiWare game from Japanese launch anyhow.) For the entire month of May, I’ll be covering WiiWare in great detail – it’ll be an innovation celebration!

What can you expect?
– New and re-made First Looks (“First Look Rewind”) from the Wii Shop catalogues in all regions! Expect new content on a daily basis!
– Video reviews, Podcasts (In The Fridge), and Features planned through out the month!
– Tournaments and Challenges organized with the help of my good friend KnucklesSonic8 from!
– Cookies!
– …and who knows what else!

Not all the slots are filled yet, far from it! So, if you want to join me on this ride and have any ideas, features of your own or just have something you want to contribute, then shoot over an email to! See you all this Saturday when we start the whole affair!


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