Nintendo Financial Results Briefing – Game Related Announcements‏

Nintendo of Japan put up today’s Financial Results Briefing and it reveals some interesting information! What that information is you’ll see after the jump!

– Reconfirms Nintendo 3DS at E3.

– The white Wii sales package will also be changed from May 10 in Europe, which means that all new Wii Consoles in Europe and North-America are sold with a Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort.

– About the DVD with Super Mario Galaxy 2:
‘We have decided to include with the software a DVD called “Super Mario Galaxy 2 for beginners” for the Japanese and European markets.

The DVD will include a footage that show people who are not accustomed to 3D Mario games how to enjoy playing with Mario in the 3D world. This is a visual manual for first-timers for 3D Mario.

Some may feel this is unusual because Wii does not have a DVD playback capability, but given the wide penetration of DVD players at home, we have concluded that it is most useful for the players if they can confirm the contents even while they are playing with Wii and decided to provide the footage in DVD format.

Also, we are including the Super Play footage that can be enjoyed by Mario game fans.’

– New software announced called Wii Party.

– About Wii Party:
‘The developers are spending significant time for this title so that they can include elements that are must-haves in a party game as well as making sure that adequate volume of game play are available. We are developing it with the intent that every Wii player will be able to find a game that can be enjoyed. In a game play mode called “Living Party”, there are unique game play only available with the Wii Remote.’

(More images here)

– Reconfirms Pokemon Black & White coming in Fall to Japan.


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