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WiiWare Month Day 16: A Block Party

May 18, 2010

Today we have more Tenacity available in our BIT.TRIP RUNNER walkthrough, but also a new Rewind in the form of Tetris Party. This WiiWare classic is getting a big upgrade this year, so i thought it would be nice to go back to the orginal! Go check it out!


WiiWare Month Day 15: Heading for Tenacity!

May 16, 2010

We’ve completed Impetus and we start anew with Tenacity, so go check that out on the BIT.TRIP RUNNER Walkthrough page!

WiiWare Month Day 14: Intro to Impetus

May 15, 2010

Today we start with our RUNNER walkthrough! You can find entire affair by going to this page!

Besides that, we have also 2 brand new Wiiloveit reviews for Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy Rush & Max and the Magic Marker! What more do you want from life?

WiiWare Month Day 13: Attention! We have a RUNNER!

May 14, 2010

We have a brand new First Look for you guys! RUNNER is the newest game in the BIT.TRIP series and it’s brilliant! Go check it out…NOW!

WiiWare Month Day 12: Platforming is Go!

May 13, 2010

One more day till RUNNER! Isn’t that perfect timing to take a look back at 2 platformers in WiiWare history?

First we have Pole’s Big Adventure. It’s a wacky Japanese parody of good old 8-bit games and still holds up to this very day! Next to that, we have Adventure Island Wii…yeah. This one was kinda disappointing for me and you’ll see why in the video.

Also, starting today we are going to feature reviews from Wiiloveit. Let’s start this off with the reviews for the classic Star Soldier R and the enjoyable Overturn. Go read it, watch the videos and have some fun!


WiiWare Month Day 11: Puzzling It Out!

May 11, 2010

On Day 11 of WiiWare Month where going from Europe to Japan and head into my back catalogue of Japanese WiiWare titles. Today we kick it off with Puzzle Bobble Wii and Family Mini Golf!


WiiWare Month Day 10: Defending The Castle

May 10, 2010

I’ve been very busy the last 24 hours, so sorry for only having 1 First Look Rewind for you guys today.

Anyways, it’s Defend Your Castle! This colourful tower defense game is really enjoyable and you can even play it up to 4 people at the same time. Sounds sweet, huh?

WiiWare Month Day 9: Taking It Easy

May 9, 2010

After the intense sports action yesterday, it’s time to take it easy. We relax with some Let’s Catch and go back to puzzle action once again in Lonpos!


WiiWare Month Day 8: Sports Are The Key

May 8, 2010

Today we take WiiWare gaming to whole new level: we are going to play some active games, which are available on the download service.

We start getting our groove on with Helix, where we have to follow the movement of the character on screen. After that, we relax with some billiards in Cue Sports where we do a classic match of 9 Ball!


WiiWare Month Day 7: We Did It With Style 2

May 7, 2010

Today we take our second look at the Art Style games on WiiWare. We have for you Art Style Orbient & Rotohex in the rewind! Enjoy!