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Jett Rocket – First Look

July 1, 2010


EU Shop Update – April 30

April 28, 2010

WarioWare: D.I.Y Showcase (Nintendo) – 800 Wii Points
5 Arcade Gems (Nordcurrent) – 700 Points

Virtual Console
The King Of Fighters ’95 (NeoGeo, D4 Enterprise) – 900 Points

Save The Turtles (Sabarasa) – 500 Points
Surviving High School (EA) – 800 Points
DodoGo! (Neko Entertainment) – 800 Points
Simply Solitaire (Engine Software) – 200 Points
VT Tennis (Virtual Toys) – 500 Points

Zombies Invade Wonderland This March

February 11, 2010

A WiiWare game which many people are looking forward to is Zombie Panic in Wonderland, the game which is all about surviving big hordes of zombies and other baddies. With various weapons, characters and destructable scenery it’s definitely one of the most promising games on the Wii download service this year.

We asked Jose Manuel from Akaoni Studio when players can expect Zombie Panic in Wonderland and he gave us the following response:

‘The game is finished, and for various reasons, not yet released. We’ve wanted to compensate the delay with improved graphics and extra contents. It goes on sale in Europe, USA and Japan at least in March 2010. The date isn’t clear yet because it’s no longer up to us.’

It is good to hear that the game is coming soon and let us hope the game will turn out for the best. I thank Jose for his reponse and we will keep you posted on new information as soon as we hear it!