Europe – Stunt Cars and more dated

All games are dated for January 8th, 2010!


Stunt Cars (Icon Games) – 800 Points

Stunt Cars races take place on elevated tracks, with very little to stop the player from accidentally driving off the side. Turbo can be used to make a car go faster, but it can only be used for a limited amount of time in each race.

As you progress through the game’s four championship cups, you’ll gain access to special unlocks such as the driver achievement awards.

– 24 wild and challenging tracks with huge jumps, ramps and tunnels
– Up to 4-player split-screen multiplayer racing
– Choose from 6 different cars which are rated differently for speed, acceleration and weight
– Race achievement awards – 12 to win, including Gold Hero, Track Warrior, Stopwatch Pro, Stunt Champion


Sokomania (CINEMAX) – 200 Points

The game is a variation on a warehouse keeper theme (Sokoban). There are several crates placed on the playing area. The player controls a figure that can push the crates forward. The aim is to get all the crates on the places designated.

Art Academy Second Semester (Nintendo) – 800 Points

Take your artistic skills further with the second of our easy-to-use titles that aim to bring out the artist in you through your Nintendo DSi system.

Art Academy: Second Semester brings you advanced techniques such as colour mixing, improving your pencil work and combining your skills into a complete work of art. Follow friendly tutor Vince through the steps, then put your skills into practice, replicating classics like The Hay Wain and Mona Lisa.

Art Academy also features a Free Paint mode for creating original works. You can exchange images with the Nintendo DSi Camera album, from where you can share your masterpieces with friends and even upload to Facebook!


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